SCNM Medicinary:

A Social Enterprise

Social Enterprise: 

An organization that applies commercial strategies to maximize improvements in human and environmental well-being

Here at the SCNM medicinary, we pride ourselves on being a social enterprise.  When you make a purchase at the medicinary, you are giving back to the community.  All profits from items sold go to SCNM, a non-profit educational and charitable institution.  SCNM then utilizes a portion of these funds to provide free medical services to underserved populations across the Valley through the SCNM Sage Foundation

The SCNM Sage Foundation provides care to people in need at community clinics throughout Maricopa County. These clinics offer free natural healthcare to those that cannot afford it including impoverished students and families, HIV/AIDS patients, victims of domestic violence, and people struggling with substance abuse.

Your purchase at the medicinary contributes to two of our core passions here at SCNM: helping people to live a healthy, natural lifestyle and providing healthcare to those in need.